Sochi, WTF?

Sochi Opening Ceremony WTF Moments:

1) The snowflake that never graduated to Olympic ring:

2) The ballet: for THE world masters of ballet, that was abysmal. Boring. As. F*ck.

3) The Mascots – ick. To be fair, they are often embarrassing, as this site so harrowingly attests to:

4) Olympic Committee dude: ‘when we come together in all our diversity, it is the Olympic Games that unite us.’ Are you freaking kidding me. The gall.

5) The hijacked plane: Right out of the gates, we have a possible terrorist situation. And, the reportedly Ukrainian dude is wearing a HABS SHIRT.  As in, my hometown Canadiens hockey team. Is this for real? My nagging feeling this AM as I pondered the Olympics proved all too true (see previous post).

Man oh man, Russia. Man oh man.


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