I Made This! Or, A Healthy Superfast Supper

The Easiest, Healthiest, Super Meal You Could Ever Make.

I’m gonna call this …wait for it…Super Sexy Shrimp

I will not be giving exact quantities, because you don’t need them: this is a make-it-with-what-you-gots dish. Perfect for veg in the fridge that needs to be used up.

I am not kidding when I say it is uber healthy. Protein, vitamin packed, and by anyone’s estimates low cal and diabetic friendly. You can adjust this in so many ways.

So, here’s what you do:

1) Grab your shrimp, frozen or fresh. (If it’s fresh, enjoy it even more you lucky donkey. Mine was frozen. Still tasty).

2) If frozen, defrost, and mix it with chopped up ginger, garlic, and a dash of soy or oyster sauce. Add some asian spices, or a bit of cumin and coriander, whatever asian flavour sets you in motion. Let them bathe in their sexy perfumes while you take care of business.

3) Chop up whatever veg you have. I had broccoli that was about to wither and die, and some mushrooms headed down a similar path. Grated a quarter carrot before it turned slimy. Sliced up some radishes. Steamed the broc to give it a head start, just a few minutes. It takes longer, poor old gal.

4) Add the teensiest bit of sesame or whatever oil to a pan. Stir fry shrimp a few minutes to just cooked, otherwise you turn them into old rubber booties. Remove and put in bowl.

5) Throw the veg in the wok or pan, along with some watered-down bouillon (I used fumé of fish, ooh la la).

7) Veg should be done in about 10. Throw shrimp back in for a minute to heat.

8) Place on top of rice or whatever you want – soba noodles maybe. Whatever tickles your pickle.

9) Cheat and add some ketchup, if you like a bit of sweet. Throw on some fresh coriander. Shake some chili flakes on top if you so desire (I like it SPICY). And don’t forget those sliced scallions.

Go to Shrimp Heaven.

Behold, the gates of paradise:


Sorry for the crap photo;  we have horrible kitchen lighting. And I was definitely in a hurry to eat…

Verdict: divine.


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