Who am I?

Don’t you think that’s kind of a LARGE question? If you really want to do this, I can roll out the tantalus of spirits and offer you some pipe tobacco, and we can wax philosophical into the wee hours, citing various philosophers, discussing the inherent Western-ness of such a question, until one or both of us passes out, pleased with our hoity toity selves…but that isn’t really me.

I’m a Montreal woman who has lived a little here and there. Grew up in a small anglo community surrounded by Québecois separatists, moved to the Southern US as a preteen, only to return to the Great White North in time for my nascent adulthood.

I stumbled a lot, studied the arts and their histories, and dabbled a bit with paint and brush to no serious consequence. I developed a passion for aboriginal culture and pursued it. Like so many youth I traversed the rocky landscapes of university, bad job markets, Euro-trips and many a room-mate. Brave and fierce warrior women (who I have the privilege of calling friends) were my Sherpas. My twenties had their ups and downs, highs and lows, punctuated by bottles, cigarettes, and men.

And then I found a rather interesting one from France, and we made a baby (and I sort of grew up). So now I’m a mom, trying to settle into my new identity and carve a place for myself out of the rather rigid throne of parenthood (maybe I can wear some grooves in, make it a little more malleable to my comfort-seeking bottom).

That’s a very brief bio, but I’m hoping that, in time, we will get to know each other much better.

I look so forward to hearing from you, because if there’s anything in life that I find stimulating, and of the utmost value, it is you and your story: magical or sordid, tender or banal, I am all ears.

So pull up a chair, and bring your pipe.

Note: The pipe is somewhat of a talisman for me. It is representative of many things: comforting odours, sacred smoke, the aboriginal peace pipes, sharing and collaborating.

Feel free to contact me with any qualms, tidbits, or desires…


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