It’s 4:30 AM. Time to Get Up.

Your eyes flicker open and your blurred vision steadies itself on the alien green glow of those familiar numbers: 4:26 AM.


There was a time not so long ago where the blurred vision would have occurred in reverse as I nodded off into an after-party slumber. Now I go to bed at 9:30 and wake, accordingly, 6 to 7 hours later.

Babies do that to you!

My 16 month old has, thankfully, been sleeping through the night for a good 5 months now. But ‘’old’’ habits die hard and this mama can’t sleep in past 5 am on the best of days.

So, I gingerly roll out of bed, taking whatever tablet or device I have on my night table with me, so as not to wake my other half. Am I jealous? No, not for some time now. I’m used to it.

Next come the stealth olympics. Tip-toe across creaky hallway floorboards to the bathroom, whose wall adjoins the nursery. Pee as slowly and quietly as possible. Convince self that I’m retraining kegel muscles, since I never actually bothered to do the exercises post-birth. I’m sorry, I was trying to survive while nursing a baby around the clock for a year. Priorities.

Speaking of OLYMPICS – it’s the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi today! I have a moment of excitement (Olympics were big in my childhood home), followed by a nagging feeling in my tummy. It’s Putin. It’s Russia. It’s terrorists and prior genocides. Will the athletes be OK? The townspeople? All those dogs they keep talking about?

It’s too early for this shit.

Tip-toe to kitchen. My veins crave coffee but it risks too much noise – must settle for the kettle and green tea. Water boiling. Don’t tap the spoon too loudly as you stir your milk into the thermos.

I make my way to the all-too-familiar cold floor of the inadequately insulated laundry room in the back of the house. Furthest room from everyone. Safe. Quiet. SUCCESS. THE BABY HAS NOT WOKEN.

Plug in laptop. Sip tea. Open soul. Write.

Good Morning, Vietnam.

Some pics:

My corner of the world.

My corner of the world.

My lavish writing booth this AM.

My lavish writing booth this AM.

Post script: How was your morning? What are your routines, embarrassing or not? Do you suffer from early rising, or do you wake in the middle of the night? What do you do in the wee hours to ward off evil spirits?